Call for Entries

• Action/Adventure
• Animation
• Comedy
• Documentary
• Drama
• Fan Films
• Horror
• Mystery/Thriller
• Musicals
• Puppetry
• Science Fiction/Fantasy
• Student
• Web Series/Webisode
• Western
• Made in Georgia
• Review Only

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Our goal is to recognize filmmakers whose short films demonstrate their ability to produce well-crafted motion pictures.



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In Recognition of Quality Filmcraft

Best of Show Winter 2020 Season!

BEST PICTURE: “Monstrous Circus” - Jordan Inconstant

BEST DIRECTOR: Ben Galland - “Parts & Labor”
BEST SCREENPLAY: L.J. Johnson - “The Rug”
BEST ACTOR: Michael Bowen - “Parts & Labor”
BEST ACTRESS: Philena Gilmer - “The Proposal”
BEST CINEMATOGRAPHER: Michael Plassea - “Monstrous Circus”
BEST EDITOR: Gabriel Britz - “Parts & Labor”
BEST SOUND DESIGN: Ben Zarai - “Parts & Labor”
BEST MUSIC: Sylvain Ott - “Monstrous Circus”

BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN: Jordan Inconstant - "Monstrous Circus"



BEST DRAMA: “The Rug” - Eric Weiher
Award of Excellence: “Buyer's Remorse” - Karen Stefl
Award of Merit: "The Ton" - Carolyn Corkindale

BEST COMEDY: “Two Dum Micks” - D.B. Sweeney
Award of Excellence: "The Proposal" - Will Crouse

BEST DOCUMENTARY: “Helga” - Betsy Eby & Jesse Brass
Award of Excellence: "Belle-Ile in Acadie" -Phil Comeau
Award of Merit: "The Flag That Killed Lincoln" - Michael Raab

BEST MADE IN GEORGIA: "Falling" - Roberta Setzu
Award of Excellence: "Parallel" - Naomi B. Smith

BEST SCIENCE FICTION/FANTASY:“Monstrous Circus” - Jordan Inconstant

BEST WESTERN: "Her Name Was No One" - Paige Smith & Danielle Argyros

BEST PUPPETRY: "Croakita" - Tracey Conner

BEST ANIMATION: "Positive Parenting Fables" - Cheryl Briggs

BEST STUDENT FILM: "Alive Day" - Lindsay O'Keefe
Award of Excellence: "Colors Run" - Gwyneth Grillo




“Helga” - Betsy Eby & Jesse Brass


“Bell-Ile in Acadie” - Phil Comeau
"Buyer's Remorse" -Karen Stefl
"Dime Short" - Jon Diack, Jennifer Piech, Krista Gano & Jessica Anguiano
“K.R.A.P.” - Brynn Chamblee, Hayley Holmes, Gary Chamblee & Laurel Ripley
“The Proposal” - Will Crouse
"The Ton" - Carolyn Corkindale
“Two Dum Micks” - D.B. Sweeney


"A Brief Wait" Jason Shumway
"Alive Day" Lindsay O'Keefe
"Badlaav Republic" Manahar Kuma
"Colors Run" Gwyneth Grillo
"Croakita" Tracey Conner
"Elephants Purr Like Cats Do" Laura M. Johnson
"Everything You Asked For" Cliff Sarde
"Falling" Christian Ortega & Roberta Setzu
"Footsteps" Robert Dominick Jones
"GAMP" Sarah Todes, Laura Ramadei, Amy DePaola & Raj Trivedi
"Ghost of a Chance" Vanessa Elliott
"Good Night, Sleep Tight" Karen Scobie
"Her Name Was No One" Paige Smith & Danielle Argyros
"Hobson City: From Peril to Promise" Theo M. Moore II
"Milk Money" Jimmy Nguyen, Lizz Lyons & Kenneth Dofner
"Parallel" Naomi B. Smith
"Nikki Sings Again" Ralph Odierna, Damian Martorana & Adriana Pandolf
"P'tit Tremblay" Rémi Damecour, Pascal Phaneuf, Émile Rizk
"Pioneer Pizza" Wesley Shrum
"Positive Parenting Fables" Cheryl Briggs
"Pregnant Pauses" Kim Kelln
"Prone to the Drone" Miranda Aguilar
"Real American Chicken" Fredric Lehne
"Ruby Baby" Raphael Klatzko & MH von Loewenstern
"Signed, Sealed, Remembered" Nir Guzinski
"Silence" Silvio Cantoro
"The Doll" Dante J. James
"The Flag That Killed Lincoln" Michael Raab
"Through The Blinds" Constantine Samios
"Viaticum" Bryan Ratushniak, Kelly Gilbert & Maria Sant'Angelo