Call for Entries

• Action/Adventure
• Animation
• Comedy
• Documentary
• Drama
• Fan Films
• Horror
• Mystery/Thriller
• Musicals
• Puppetry
• Science Fiction/Fantasy
• Student
• Web Series/Webisode
• Western
• Made in Georgia
• Review Only

barMission Statement

Our goal is to recognize filmmakers whose short films demonstrate their ability to produce well-crafted motion pictures.



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In Recognition of Quality Filmcraft

How We Score

ALL entries receive a scoresheet like this one:

In this example, the film earned a total score of 72.33, which means it would receive an Award of Merit. The Writer, Director, Editor and Audio Engineer would also receive Awards of Merit, and the Director of Photography would receive an Award of Excellence. For a Cast or Crewmember to receive an award, all three judges must nominate them with an average score of 7 or higher. So in this case, John Smith would receive an Award of Excellence and Jane Doe would get an Award of Merit.

Each of the 10 criteria are scored on a scale from 1 to 10. A perfect score would be 100. Films must receive a minimum composite score of 70 to receive an award.

70-79 Award of Merit 7 Award of Merit
80-89 Award of Excellence 8 Award of Excellence
90-95 Award of Distinction 9 Award of Distinction
96-100 The Orson Award 9.6+ Master of the Craft

Judges will also consider standout individual performances in the following positions: • Writer • Director • Director of Photography • Editor • Sound Design • Engineer • Lead Actor • Lead Actress • Supporting Actor
• Supporting Actress • Make Up Artist • Costuming • Visual Effects.

Individuals must earn a composite score of 7 or higher in order to receive an award. As an example, if a leading actor had an outstanding performance and all three Judges awarded them an average of at least 7 points, they could receive an award even if the film did not.