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In Recognition of Quality Filmcraft

Welcome to our Summer 2022 Virtual Film Festival!

These Thumbnails will become active links to their films at 6 PM EST
on August 19th and will remain active until midnight of August 21st.

A White Heron - Drama
A young farm girl must choose between a white heron she's
seen and a likable hunter who wants to find the heron so he can add it to his collection of stuffed birds.

Aion - Drama
Theo is crushed when he is told he cannot go to the space museum because of his health condition, but his father then creates a
new life-long memory for his son. The story captures the raw emotions of parenting without all the answers and the joy of childhood innocence.

Brothers - Drama
While two brothers are on a journey towards a mountain lake, they meet a stranger who helps them rediscover their desire
to live.

Out Of Order - Made in Georgia
A starving survivor in an apocalyptic wasteland struggles to stay
alive and must gather enough currency to use a vending machine.

Sticks and Stones - Made in Georgia
Adilynn keeps getting herself into trouble as her
artistic aspirations get the best of her, and her Mommy, who
does her best to navigate the trials of parenting and proper discipline.

Image of an American: Frederick Douglass &
the Right to Vote
- Documentary

Upon the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment in 1865, many Americans thought that slavery had been abolished once and for all. But Frederick Douglass argued that “slavery is not abolished until the black man has the ballot.” His fight to secure the vote transformed not only the Constitution, but what it meant to be an American.

Madison and the Fight for the Constitution - Documentary
Founding Father James Madison gave us the Constitution and
the Bill of Rights. Learn how he helped write a new natiointo existence and unified the people behind ideals that would
change the course of history.

Push - Documentary
A story of self-discovery, found in the simple joys of skateboarding. Written and directed by Jasmine Quinones, the film explores ideas
of identity and quickly becomes an anthem for the inner strength
that can be found in finding a community.

Women are the Change - Documentary
We follow 6 young women from sub-Saharan Africa and reveal how education has been a driving force to their success. Watch how a new generation of African women have made their
names in their communities and countries and through
dedication and education have become change agents.

The Little Cryptids - Animation
What if Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster were best friends?
In this film, the son of Nessie and the daughter of Bigfoot must
team up to rescue Nessie from a group of ambitious
bounty hunters.

Suddenly - Animation
The journey of a lightning bolt from sky to ground highlights
the saying “life flashes before your eyes”.

Heartbreak Magic - Student Film
Devastated by a breakup before the school dance, Liz's only
coping mechanism is ice cream. But with some unlikely help from
her childhood companion, the two set out to make the best of
her heartbreak together.

Summa Culpa Laude - Student Film
A perfectionist high schooler strives to be valedictorian, but
hen her rival takes the top rankings, she devises a scheme
to seize the number one spot.

No Pain No Amor - Action/Adventure
His beloved woman has been kidnapped and taken from him. He
will do anything to get her back even if it means getting dirty
and feeling pain.