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In Recognition of Quality Filmcraft

Welcome to our Summer 2020 Virtual Film Festival!

Here are the award winning films we would have shown in the theater if not for the Covid crisis.
Click on a thumbnail link to view on August 15th. They will only be viewable on that day.

Alina - Drama
As Nazis separate children from their parents in the Warsaw
Ghetto, a gang of women risks everything to smuggle their
friend's baby to safety. Inspired by true events. 
This film requires a Password: SSASummer2020

Il Vestito - Drama
An immigrant works in a laundry to buy a wedding suit.
One day he is found stealing a suit from a sick groom
who has just been left at the altar. To atone for his sins,
he will have to avenge the robbed man.

Three Brothers Two - Drama
The deteriorating relationships of three young people are examined after a loved one dies of a drug overdose. Jack,
the dead mans' brother; Tony, the best friend who bought
the deadly drugs; and Aine, the woman caught in the middle.

Samaritan - Drama
An immigrant doctor, fearing deportation and living off grid,
stumbles upon the unconscious body of a racist politician
whose been kidnapped and left for dead.

Calf Rope - Drama
A former rodeo champion and cattle auctioneer from rural Oklahoma bonds tightly with his young grandson from
suburban Pennsylvania during the summer of ‘66 while
teaching him a few tricks from his previous trades.

Black Coffee - Comedy
A woman and a man sitting in a coffee shop toy around
with the idea of a simple kiss between strangers.

Shelter In Place - Comedy
Forced to stay at home with their two kids during a Pan-
demic - a couple struggles to keep their sanity and their
marriage together.

The Body - Comedy
We follow two very different men on a crash course in body
disposal technique during one eventful night in the middle
of the countryside.

Cultanica - Mystery / Thriller
When a seventeen-year old cold case is revived, a tenacious detective tracks down a missing man and a sinister cult-like group.

Moriah - Mystery / Thriller
In the ’70’s in the Deep South, an estranged son is
violently reunited with his father against his will.

Velvet Farewell - Mystery / Thriller
A man is contacted by his ex high school girlfriend to discuss
a traumatic moment from their past. When he arrives at
her house, he is surprised to find his ex's mother instead.
String of Deaths - Horror
A group of friends scour the house to find the one
responsible for their friends murder.

Percipience - Horror
A young man is called to question his own concept of
“perception versus reality”. He battles through a slow
building series of uncomfortable thoughts and events,
each seemingly more real than the last.

Roe v Wade: A Legal History - Documentary
As one of the most consequential decisions in Supreme
Court history, Roe v. Wade articulated the right to abortion
as a fundamental right. How did the Court arrive at this
decision? Six law professors discuss.

Under a Pandemic Sky - Documentary
A 6-minute personal essay narration paired with dissociated visuals. The essay is set in New York City and utilizes the
solitude of the 2020 pandemic as the backdrop for the
storyteller to contemplate a series of character studies.

Ma’ii - Animation
Ma'ii is a folk tale, inspired by Navajo Culture, about how
Coyotes first formed packs. It follows the life of a young
cub, Ma’ii, as he braves the world on his own, until the
day a mysterious spirit greets him.

Here Lies Lauren - Student Film
Alex attends his abusive mother's funeral to read a eulogy
that fully encapsulates their negative relationship but
must question his morals when he learns how she has
changed over the six years that they'd been separated.

Jims - Student Film
Jim and his alter egos debate what he should do on his
first date.

Nothing But The Truth - Student Film
After serving time for running over a young teen, Nova is
forced to re-enter a society that has long abandoned her.