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In Recognition of Quality Filmcraft

Welcome to our Spring 2020 Virtual Film Festival!

Here are the award winning films we would have shown in the theater if not for the Covid crisis.
Click on a thumbnail link to view.

An Unexpected State of Mind - Student
A young woman, looking for love, gets hopeful when she
runs into a young man in the Big Apple.
Beyond Home - Drama
Siblings Tine and Manca are abandoned by their father to a
cruel family. As their situation grows unbearable, Tine plans
to leave his sister behind and cross the ocean in search of
their father.

Clod - Drama
A family in the south navigate the daily struggles
and graces of life on the ranch.
Collectors vol.1 - Documentary
In search of one-of-a-kind, rideable art, three strangers
illustrate a craft surfing community by telling a universal
story of friendship and the desire for fun.
Everyone Will Die - Made in Georgia
In the wake of a meteor disaster that is taking over the
world, a couple is caught in the crossfire while they
bicker about their future.
Hit + Run - Horror
After another night of drinking himself to sleep, Elton
awakens to a startling sight and then must face his demons.

Living in Crime Alley - Fan Flick
A single father struggles to bring up his child, a huge fan
of the dark knight, in downtown Gotham, known to
citizens as Crime Alley.

Mason and Jay Save The World! - Science Fiction
When two young brothers swipe their father’s drone and
take it for a joy ride, they make a surprising discovery...

Mend - Made in Georgia
After the loss of his wife, Marv Waters is stuck in a lonely
routine meant for two. But what he doesn't see is that
purpose and community exist just outside his front door
Sidepiece - Comedy
Dating is hard. Especially when you’re married. Nothing
is what appears to be in this romantic-comedy about two
people who find each other on a very special dating app.
Starting Small: Open Data in Chile - Documentary
Small data is creating big change in one of Earth’s most geographically diverse countries. Meet the scholars, artisans, engineers, and public servants who are making open
data more accessible in Chile.
Tea Time - Horror
An elderly woman becomes a serial killer after realizing
she is alone in the world with no family and friends left.
Drowned in a terrible feeling of loneliness, she will
gradually suffer several stages of dementia.

Tender is the Kiss - Science Fiction
Will he find the mysterious woman who might be the only
one to prove his innocence?

The Mystical Migration of the Monarch - Documentary
We follow the Monarch Butterfly’s round-trip migration from
Mexico to Canada. The female’s search for milkweed, the plant
on which she lays her eggs, often proves to be a futile search.

We Were There - Drama
Nahal’s friends have gathered to throw her a surprise party
and are faced with an unexpected event. How will they
react to their newfound knowledge that surpasses their
ethical boundaries?

Your Name - Made in Georgia
Brandon takes the chance in talking to a girl he is
interested in at a party not knowing what the outcome
could be.