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In Recognition of Quality Filmcraft

Welcome to our Fall 2023 Virtual Film Festival!

Credit - Drama
An aging, once major movie star contemplates his relevance
in Hollywood. He meets a young mega pop star who asks
for his help.

Us.Together.Alone - Drama
Milo and Ollie, half brothers, realize that loyalty and devotion
can have horrendous results.

Whiskey Mountain Days - Drama
When a college film student takes a PA job on a film, he unexpectedly falls in love with a much older woman on the

AAiRon - Comedy
A daughter brings home her controversial boyfriend to meet
her parents. 

Couple a Cards - Comedy
Two old bastards meet for coffee and bagels at Ida's diner,
like they do everyday, when coincidence leads them to
finally confront their lifelong rivalry and the memory of
the gal who broke both their hearts.

Breakup Weekend - Made in Georgia
When two young adults who have been dating since high school
realize that long-distance is no longer working, they decide to
spend one last weekend as a couple before splitting up for good.

The Adventures of Captain Atom Chapter 6 - Made in Georgia
An Atomic Age superhero and a rocket scientist's daughter
must race against time to prevent an evil military junta from launching a devastating missile attack from the moon.

Daisies - Made in Georgia
The relationship between a woman and her granddaughter
is closely followed while her alcoholic son runs wild in the
rural south.

17 Hamil Way - SciFi/Fantasy
After a happy couple moves into a house with electrical issues, the wife, Mira, starts suspecting her husband is becoming
bipolar. Turns out, there is a portal to the multi-verse in the backroom of their house.

My Hated Enemy - SciFi/Fantasy
Two young soldiers on opposite sides of a near future civil war
are forced to confront their differences when they are taken
captive by a stubbornly neutral old sheriff.

The Seeker - SciFi/Fantasy
As a young woman struggles to get over a bad breakup, she
has an unexpected and frightening encounter with a
mysterious being.

American Made - Documentary
Filmed on location in Knoxville, Tennessee, American Made tells
the story of Marcus Hall and his rise from the projects, his fall
From grace, and his climb out of public shame.

KLEVER: Life of a Soviet Nonconformist Artist - Documentary
Exploring the life and work of Klever, a renowned
non-conformist artist, who was persecuted by the Soviet
Union for his forbidden paintings.

Women in Sound: Gender Discrimination in the Music Industry - Documentary
Three women working in the music industry in Nashville discuss their personal experiences and the history oF women in the music industry, as well as sharing facts about how the environment has gotten better for women through time.
Love Potion - Mystery/Suspense
A writer obsessed with getting his ex-girlfriend back at any
cost makes a deal with a mysterious stranger for a magic
love potion but at what cost to his soul.
Unlucky in Love - Musical
Following anunsuccessful stint on a TV dating show, Lisa bumps
into Wendy and falls head over heels. Through the years, their
passion for one another fades as a secret threatens their love.

Bent Out of Shape - Animation
When a bright, circular woman moves into a dull, square neighborhood, things begin to change... much to her
square neighbor's dismay.

Dandelion - Animation
In a dystopian world, a coal-burning robot working on a mine one
day finds something that he has never seen before - a dandelion.

Octopus Ninja - Animation
An octopus ninja sets out on a mission to rescue his wife and
kid from being served up as sashimi at a notorious sushi restaurant.

Under My Be - Webisode
After accidentally filming a monster under his bed, Kelvin, a
cowardly 9 year old, avoids being eaten the only way he can:
by pretending to be a famous talk show host.

Duendes - Horror
A Botany hobbyist traveling through a Mexican Forest crosses paths with and brings home, a Latin American Folklore, that's more than just a story.

The Puppets Who Fought in Vietnam - Puppetry
This film explores themes of camaraderie, loss, and resilience, delving into the complexities of the human (or puppet) spirit when faced with the horrors of war as well as the tragic experiences and challenges veterans face in their post war lives.

Class of '97 - Fan Flick (The Magic School Bus)
As their former teacher battles an illness during a move, an
alumni bands together to help. In the process, they discover
a way to possibly treat her as well. 

Zack's Story - Documentary
In this moving and informative documentary, Zack's parents
ecount the events leading to their son's tragic death due to a
vaping related illness. Also, the film examines the science and
dangers of one of the biggests trends affecting our children today.

Roaming History: Civil Rights Trail - Documentary
This documentary is part of a series on the civil rights move-
ment. This episode tells the story of Emmett Till, a Black teen-
ager whose brutal lynching fueled calls for more rights.
We retrace the sites where Till spent his final days and
connect viewers to those places and moments in history.

Pandemic Powers: Wisconsin's State of Emergency - Documentary
In Wisconsin, resident Jeré Fabick sued Governor Evers for his repeated extension of the statewide emergency declaration during
the COVID-19 Pandemic, renewing the debate over state powers
and their limits

Laboratories of Democracy: Nebraska's Unicameral Documentary
For nearly 100 years, Nebraska's constitution has featured a unicameral legislative system, the only one in the country. It was introduced in a progressive attempt to increase efficiency and transparency.