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In Recognition of Quality Filmcraft

Welcome to our Fall 2022 Virtual Film Festival!

Bugtussle - Drama
After a bank robbery gone bad, a broken criminal and his
unhinged partner hide out in a shack in the orange groves of Bakersfield to await their getaway car. As they try to get out
of this mess with some of their dreams intact, their personal demons may have other plans.

Crumb Cake - Drama
Three sisters come to the house where they grew up after their mother unexpectedly dies. While packing up their family home
to move to a retirement community their mother has a heart
attack. Faced with the reality of her death, they are confronted
with their own lives as well as their relationships with each
other and their mother.

Mosaic - Drama
A man battles with grief after the loss of a close friend.

Overdue - Comedy
Maureen and Jason are each having a very bad night. Their chance encounter gives both a glimmer of hope as they discover a shared
past and a connection that brings light to the darkness in their lives.
A romantic dramedy.

Diamond Sky - Made in Georgia
Five best friends spend one last night together on the eve of
their college graduation as they brace themselves for the terrifying unknown of adult life.

State of Mind - Made in Georgia
A year after he loses his father on September 11th, Naveed
struggles to cope with the ongoing harassment from his peers
on top of a looming psychological breakdown.

When the Apple Falls - Made in Georgia
Her singing voice captivates, but her demons dominate. Faced with the same struggles that led to her famous mother’s death, Mary Rose must decide how far the apple will fall before she destroys everything..

Shaded - Documentary
In Shaded, nine African-Americans, each representing a different
skin tone, share personal stories on life in their own skin.

Unbelievable! The Art Williams Story - Documentary
In an abbreviated life fraught with seemingly insurmountable obstacles, the unassuming son of sharecroppers reaches the pinnacle of America's pastime

The Fork in the Road - SciFi/Fantasy
A boy escaping within himself is caught up in fantasies in the
woodland that reflects the trials he faces in the real world. As
these occur, there are glimpses of his parallel life, experiences of
the boy who chose not to follow the path less travelled, but to
return home to an uncomfortable situation.

The Perfect Spot - Musical
Every day, Wendell visits his favourite spot on a beach. But
one afternoon he finds Isabella there and she refuses to
give it up. How far will they go to claim this perfect spot?

I Want it Now! - Puppetry
Once you’ve identified a goal, how do you save for it? Join Ariana
as she learns to make smart choices, resist temptations, and make
a plan to reach her goal. "I Want it Now!" is part of the Raising
Money-Wise Kids financial literacy series.

Country Club Crime - Mystery/Suspense
Inspired by the 1920’s gangster "The Bagman" Otto P. Higgins Director of Police who played on both sides of the law in
Kansas City. The Mob Boss is serving moonshine at her speak-
easy but doesn’t realize murder is on the menu. Will “The Bagman” look the other way or put on his badge and
investigate the crime as Director of Police?

Roscoe - Mystery/Suspense
After leaving his old gang, Silas Roscoe is focused on supporting
his girlfriend, Rosa. But when an unexpected visit threatens to
upend their new life, Silas must fight to save the only thing
he has left.

The Last Paper - Mystery/Suspense
In a French hotel room, a depressed couple must overcome
the heaviest hours of their lives which are manifested by a breathing paper bag.

A Drop of Life - Animation
This heartwarming tale follows three little droplets, who fall from
the sky and must navigate their way through life. Their journey challenges viewers to reflect on the rewards and consequences
of the choices we make in our own lives.

Nothing's Left - Animation
"Nothing's Left" is a haunting depiction of several aspects of
our society, a vision exploring the ideas behind privacy,
social media and consumerism. Each one of us is both an architect and a pawn of this system but is there a way to
unplug from the cycle?

Soiled Shorts: The Series - Webiode
Unfortunately, we don’t have the money to produce what we
wanted, so we’re just going to stitch together a bunch of skits, humorous vignettes and spoofs that won’t make any sense.

The Big Chicken - Student Film
A woman struggles with her husband's mental illness as it
leads him to conclude that he is the only person on earth
who can prevent an imminent global catastrophe.